My way of painting

I am Gaval, ethnicorganic style painter.  I have never painted being sad, nor have I reflected sadness in my work.  Through my art I inspire positive, energetic and passionate feelings and sensations.

I do not tell stories through my artwork, but instead I freely allow images to be evoked in the viewers’ mind. These images catch their gaze and allow an impulsive and captivating connection that leads to a state of well-being.

I use acrylic paint on canvas or wood.  My painting technique is based on the use of interconnected and interlaced dark thick lines, dots and organic elements, contrasting with a primary colors palette.  Elements with ethnic influence give shape to amorphous figures or organic beings, such as animals, plants, people or insects.

My style is deeply influenced by my ethnobiological studies and the close contact with nature and indigenous people I had during my exploration trips in jungles and forests. This contact allowed me to understand indigenous cosmovision, philosophy and culture.  The combination of these natural and ethnical experiences led me to define my style as “Ethnicorganic”.

Publicado por mgaval

Artista y pintor mexicano

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