At all hours and at none

Every art piece has a part of my soul in it, and it is important to give it time to be flooded with it. For me it is not important or urgent to finish a painting, but rather to enjoy the process of creating it. I enjoy how each piece takes shape and silently emerges on the canvas where it will dwell forever.

Recently, someone asked me: At what time of the day do you usually paint? and after thinking thoroughly about it, my answer was this: At all hours and at none. Unlike many painters, writers, artists and creatives, I have no routines or order during my creative process. I paint when I feel like it, and always accompanied by music. I start painting when that inner impulse drags me to create and I just let myself go enjoying the moment. I could be painting in the morning with a good cup of coffee; at evening with a sunset; or late at night with a glass of red wine, a mezcal or tequila. There is not a specific time of the day or an established hour to do it. I could be painting just for ten minutes or for several hours without resting. In the same way I started, I suddenly stop painting when the creative impulse abandons me.

«There is not a specific time of the day or an established hour to do it.»

Miguel Gaval.

It is not rare to find unfinished artwork in my studio. Some of them have been like that for months. Several drawings in my sketchbook, on paper napkins, envelopes and loose sheets are waiting for the opportunity to become a piece of art. It is also very common for me to be working on three or four pieces at the same time, going from one piece to another, adding color and details, observing them. I wait for them to speak to me and I add whatever is needed. Therefore, I may not have new paintings for several days, and all of a sudden I have five or six pieces ready at the same time.

The truth is that I enjoy being messy and impulsive.

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