The five kites

I enjoy how my five kites turned out, and I am sure that they will float free in the hands of a person who will feel the passion that each one represents.

A few weeks ago, I was invited by Bernardini Art Gallery & Auction House to participate in a tribute to the master painter Francisco Toledo, on the first anniversary of his death. The idea is that hundreds of Mexican artists intervene kites, similar to those Toledo painted, with their own style.  These kites will be auctioned and a percentage of the sales will be donated to the Mexican Red Cross and other institutions that need our support.

So, I started painting something that represented me and that could get me close, as a tribute, to Toledo. My first decision was that the five kites should be different from each other, to do that I used my characteristic color palette. I decided to paint two bulls named “Juchiteco” and “Zapoteco”. Then I painted a mask that represents Toledo, and I called it “Maestro”, a plant named “Copal” and at last I painted a “Pandemia” (This is how I call this type of artwork) called “Mística”. All the names I chose for the kites have to do with the origin and mystique of Master Toledo.

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Editora, amante del arte.

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