It was during a long and tedious bureaucratic meeting, while scribbling images in his notebook, that Gaval realized that what he wanted to do in life was to be always painting.

Drawing has been always part of his life, and it is through it that he has been able to express his creativity. Since he was a kid his ideas flowed through his hand to be captured into different surfaces.

Due to his ethnobiological training and the close contact he had with several indigenous peoples of Mexico, the influence of nature and ethnicity on his style is evident. In addition to this, his admiration for Miró, Gaudí and Picasso have surely influenced his color selection.

Passionate, instinctive and impulsive, he found a way to express himself by printing his drawings into textiles. The graphic arts were his first step towards a life of creative activity, mainly through his work on various techniques, such as screen printing and sublimation. One day he decided to buy some canvas and paints and with the first brush stroke he threw himself into the void.

Today, after two years, he has exhibited his artwork in nearly a dozen exhibitions in various countries and he has been invited to participate in international exhibitions along with other Latin American artists. Several art collectors have already added Gaval paintings to their collections.

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